Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Well Crud

Good Morning, its been a week already and its ONLY Wednesday!!!!!!!!! LOL I am posting this so you don't think I have run off and deserted you. Between Mother and the DOG, I am exhausted. Hopefully this evening I can get some thoughts and updates in here. Hang in there, Huggs

Friday, January 21, 2005

Kind of Sad.......

Okay, I watched the Inauguration yesterday. It truly makes me sad and angry that all this security nonsense is so necessary. And yes, it IS necessary. Wouldn't matter if it was Kerry or Nader or Kermit the Frog's inauguration, it would have been the same. I HATE what the world has become. I wish that the world wasn't such a mess today...... What is the answer?

We're off to San Antonio this weekend for MORE hockey..... damn I can't wait till the season ends. Greg is in New Braufels at a tennis camp. So mom gets to have the house to herself. When do I get to have my house to myself??? I would LOVE that!!! Just for a day or two. A blessed, peaceful, wonderful, utopic day or two .

It's 78 outside right now at 5:00 PM!! It's so strange for January. Cold front moving in tonight though. It better NOT snow on the Eagles game Sunday!!! Of course, that could be a good thing since Atlanta doesn't handle the snow very well. Go Eagles! (People here in Texas HATE the Eagles - especially the die-hard Dallas fans). The Eagle's Tyrell Owens dissed the Cowboy's precious star on their field during a touchdown celebration. He is HATED in Dallas. So what does Chris do last Sunday when we were in Dallas? He wears his T.O. jersey to Applebee's for lunch and to watch the Eagles/Vikings game. That's my boy - gutsy (and not too bright LOL).
He was kind of disappointed that there weren't many people in the restaurant. Oh well, maybe next time.

Talk to ya later.......

Friday, January 14, 2005

Annual Purge!

My resolution for this year is to get rid of unnecessary junk that's taking up space and attracting dust.... I say this every year, but I'm serious this time. I tore my desk apart yesterday and it was amazing how much junk! One drawer was so stuffed that I couldn't even open it.... There were books in there that probably should be in a museum - Windows95 Users Guide, A Guide to the Internet (circa 1996 when Mosaic was the only browser around), etc etc. I found these two steno pads (remember steno pads?? Now that's a relic to begin with!). On these pads were all my notes from Cserve and the early IRC days. All the shortcuts and commands and tons of emails that looked like this: Remember when we were numbers? And phone numbers...... for Christie and Lisa and Margie and Krislin and.... who were these people?? Okay, I remember Lisa well and I miss her so much. Obviously the number wasn't any good anymore dammit :(. I was so proud of myself though because I just THREW it all OUT!

I found extension cords and chargers and ac adapters and cables and plugs and I have no idea what any of them are for! Jim put them all in the garage because 'you just never know'. Yeah right - they'll fossilize in there, too, But at least they are out of my desk! Once the drawer was empty, I noticed it actually had a rack for hanging folders! I set up folders in there and it's all so organized and clean and the top of my desk is clear! Oh yeah, Jim bought me a flat screen monitor for Christmas. It's amazing how much space a regular monitor takes up on the desktop! It's so clean now - I am determined to keep it this way.

Okay, I give it a month..........

We're leaving in the morning for Dallas and won't be back until Monday. We'll be at hockey rinks all over the metro area and eating fast food and not sleeping very well.... When I think about how much money this hockey stuff costs - we could take a cruise every year instead! grrrrrrrrrrr.....

I'll be thinking of you. I hope Dick takes you out somewhere really special for dinner after you get back from taking David to school. Or maybe a bed and breakfast?

huggers and smoochies.....
me :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Off to College

Will be gone overnite, taking David off to his college orientation (a 2hr drive) then Dad and I will be taking him down to "leave" him, and his car, this weekend. Can't begin to describe all the inner turmoil, after all I have had him home for the first 2 yrs of his college life, but knew the transfer was coming. Of course I have gone completely overboard getting him set up in his apt, that he is sharing with 3 others, one of which is a girl(!) He actually has a nice sized bedroom, with Mom and Dad supplied, refridge, puter desk complete with hutch and credenza, 21in TV and of course a place in his room to store grocery items that are none perishable. Sooooooooo my trunk is full of Groceries for the boy, you know "staples" lol ...The Dad is laughing at me while forbidding me to make any more grocery runs unaccompanied by a responsible adult LOL This is my baby, the one I fought so hard to get, the one who owns my heart no matter how mad or frustrated I get. This child/man can stir up more emotion in me than any other human, how did I let that happen, and more importantly how do I hold that emotion in check, how do I stop the tears that seem all of a sudden so close to falling, and how do I get a grip on the knot in my stomach, so I can untie it? It seems both of us are in life altering situations and we both must try to make the best choices and hope that we were right, it seems David has one type of adventure and I have yet a different one ahead. I have faith in us both, but I am not sure I have the patience required, maybe venting/ranting/crying/laughing here will be a beginning.