Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Last Butterfly

I'm so sad. We've had an extremely warm fall. It's been in the 80s for a couple weeks. Today, the cold front finally moved in. A little rain and then the temp starting dropping. It's really strange how quickly that happens. This afternoon while the wind was bringing in the cold air, a beautiful butterfly was hanging around the backyard. For hours. There are still blooms on my esperanza, and he kept going from flower to flower.... poor thing should have migrated to Mexico weeks ago. The temperature right now is down to 50 and supposed to drop further during the night. He isn't going to survive the night. Makes me so sad. He is so pretty.....

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"Press one for english......"

Last month I was trying to reach Southwestern Bell about my bill. They have one of those annoying voice recognition automated customer dissservice lines. I really HATE those things. And they have also disabled the "dial O" to speak to a real person option. GAH!! Way to make your customers miserable, SBC.

So Jim was home and he was laughing at me because I was soooooo frustrated. (this pisses me off, too, because I don't like to be laughed at when I'm frustrated LOL)

Computer: "Please state the last four digits of your social security number"
Me: xxxx
Computer: "Thank you. Please tell me how I can help you, your options are...."
Me:I want to talk to a real person.
Computer: "I'm sorry. I didn't understand that request. Please tell me how I can help you."
Me: I want to talk to a customer service agent.

Repeat the above for a couple more times. Then,

Computer:"I'm sorry. I didn't understand that request. Please tell me how I can help you."
Me: Will you put a real live person on the fucking phone!!!!!!!!!
Computer: "I'm sorry. I didn't understand that request. Let me connect you to a representative."
Me: (yelling at this point) ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!

I am positive that they have programmed the phones to respond to the word "Fuck" (the universal word for intense annoyance) and connect you to a real person asap. At any rate, Jim found this article in the paper tonight. Great find!! I went to this guy's website. He's got an IVR Cheat Sheet which has tips on beating the system and getting straight to a real live human being.